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Which paint brands do you use?

The answer to this question is that there is no particular paint brand that we use. The requirements of every paint job are different, and so arethe preferences of every customer. Thus, we like to have open-ended discussions with our clients to understand their point of view. Once done, we carve out the best solution based on these requirements and preferences.
Various factors, like the surface, the required colour, and texture, etc., are taken care of while choosing the perfect paint for your needs. But, we do keep in mind to use the best quality paint that is in line with the standards of the Wodonga painting industry.

Do you use eco-friendly paints?

Yes, we know that the Wodonga painting industry is nowadays progressing towards an eco-friendly direction. But, we also understand that neither all paint jobs require these types of paints, nor all clients want them.
And because this trend is relatively new, thus not all types of paints come in this variety. Therefore, there is this forced limitation that we are unfortunately bound with.
So, there is a mix of factors that we at Wodonga Painting keep in mind while choosing these eco-friendly paints for you.

Do you offer free consultation and quotes?

Yes, indeed, our quotes and consultation services are free.
We consider this as our responsibility to, first of all, understand all your needs and desires. We have an open-ended discussion with our clients and provide a free consultation, thereby. Once we know the requirements, we offer a suitable quote.
We value your time and money. Thus we provide pocket-friendly quotes. We believe in a long-term association. Therefore our rates are affordable.

What services do you provide?

Wodonga Painting has been servicing Wodonga for years now. We are a complete solution provider for all your painting needs. Your painting requirement can be anything, and we can pull it through with perfection and expertise.
We offer all the standard services like commercial painting, residential painting, house repainting, maintenance painting, indoor and outdoor painting, and fence and deck painting.
Also, if you happen to have a class-in-itself project at hand, we have experts that can complete the job with perfection and ease. In the past, we have delivered many unique projects, and we will be glad to do that again for you.

Will you be able to provide customizable services?

Yes, we can. Nowadays, the Wodonga Painting industry is developing, and new types of class-in-itself projects are coming up. As we said earlier, we have pulled through many unique projects in the past, and our experts would gladly do that again for you.
The customized projects need individual consultation, and one of our project managers will happily listen to all your needs. The project manager itself will thereafter give the quote. Also, we have very responsive customer support that will be there to listen to you until the project is complete.

What areas do you service?

We service Wodonga and its surrounding areas. We have been servicing the Wodonga Painting industry for so long that now we have a strong customer base in not only Wodonga but its surrounding areas. Call us now to get free consultation and quote.

How long will the painting take?

The time required to complete the job depends on the size of the task at hand. Big warehouses demand more time than homes and homes demand more time than garages.
But, once we start, we complete the task as quickly as can be done without compromising on quality. We adhere to Wodonga painting industry standards and over-deliver each time within the quoted time limit.

Is the job done in a continuous manner orchunks?

We prioritize your time above everything, and we understand painting done in chunks, results in disrupted routine and money wastage too.
We understand the real value of time and money. Thus, we complete all the projects in a single go and try to do that as early as possible. We schedule and manage projects in such a manner that no planhas to suffer due to any other. This organized approach and timely delivery has earned us many happy customers and kept us organically growing in the Wodonga painting industry for so long.

After the quote, how long does it take to start the work?

Once the quote is accepted, we start the preparation for the project. And the time taken to get working after acceptance of the quote depends on the size of the job assigned. Smaller projects are easy to fit in the schedule. Thus we can start them earlier, more significant projects need a more considerable time slot and more preparation time, therefore, can take longer to start.
But, once the painting starts, we take care that it is completed in one go and fulfils all your expectations.

Do you move furniture before painting?

So, the answer is yes, we do.
Also, it needs to be understood that not all furniture needs to be moved. Most of it can be placed in the centre of the room and covered and taped. This way, it does not hamper the painting and a lot of trouble and possible harm to furniture is saved from. And talking about the furniture that needs to be shifted/moved, we appreciate it if you do that, but if you cannot, we can do that for you. No problem.

How should I prepare the exterior before the painters start working?

So, it is secure. Just look for things that are blocking access. Simply go around your property and find stuff that can create a problem in painting. Material that is lying close by or is lying against the surface to be painted. Remove this stuff. It can include anything from bins to pots to racks, only anything that blocks access.
Also, some things that cannot be removed need covering. Like trees or railings. These should be included. Our workers can happily do this for you if you are facing a problem. Also, customer care of Wodonga Painting is just a call away with the solutions to all your queries.

How should I prepare the interior before the painters start working?

You can start by removing all the stuff that is on the walls and floors. Anything from bins to pots to paintings, anything that will cover the painting surface or can be damaged by paint drops needs to be removed. Also, remove unwanted nails; this will give a clean look once the painting is complete.
The next step is to cover the floor with drop sheets. Also, include the switchboards with tape to save them from unwanted paint drops.
Now, for the furniture, simply bring it to the centre of the room and cover it with clear plastic.
And lastly, if you have pets, it is recommended that you keep watch over them or make arrangements for them at some other place for some time.
Again,we can do this for you, but if you need assistance on how to do the preparation yourself, Wodonga Painting’s customer care is just a call away.

Does the weather affect painting?

Yes, bad weather affects painting. But painters at Wodonga Painting will not paint on such days so that the quality of paint is not changed. Also, painting in unsuitable weather may void the warranty. Thus special care is taken to avoid painting in bad weather.
Thus, ultimately, it will not affect anything neither the quality of paint nor the warranty.

How do I care for the paint once done?

Wodonga Painting painters always do their best. But, it is also necessary to maintain the finish. It not only elongates the life of paint but also makes it look as if new.
Firstly, dust the walls.Dust the walls using the dust brush attachment of your vacuum. Then wipe the paint gently with a soft cloth.
Then, the next step is washing. Wait a minimum of two weeks before this, although this period is different for different types of paint. Take a soft cloth or sponge and mild, soapy water. Wipe in a circular motion, but gently. Do rinse with a clean, damp cloth afterwards to make sure all the soap is gone.
Please make sure that you test these techniques in a hidden area, which is a wall that is covered by bed or similar. Read well, try your method and then let it dry. If you find that it has not damaged your paint, then repeat it for the rest of the area.
For best techniques, do consult Wodonga Painting consultants.

How do you evaluate the quality of the paint?

With so many types of paint brands available, it is best to self-educate yourself.
So, a thumb-rule is to look for ‘volume of solids’ and the ‘titanium dioxide content’. Both of these can be easily be found on a product’s Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). And these are available where the paint is sold. So, instead of getting lured by marketing gimmicks, see for yourself.
Wodonga Painting’s consultants will readily guide you on the best brand to use according to your needs. But reading a bit does not harm.

What is the Volume of Solids?

The volume of solids is also referred to as Solids by Volume.
So, solids are binders and pigments. These are collectively called solids. Suitable quality paints have a higher percentage of solids than lower quality paints. Also, there are liquids. More inferior quality paints have a higher rate of liquids than more top quality paints.
A good percentage of solids by volume has many benefits. Namely:
1.Good hiding ability,
2.Proper protection of the surface that is painted,
3.A thicker film of paint
For more knowledge, ask the Wodonga Painting consultant.

What do you mean by Titanium Dioxide Content?

Titanium Dioxide Content is the magical ingredient that decides in how many coats will the white or light-coloured paint hide the darker coloured colour. Higher the Titanium Dioxide Content, the lesser the number of coats required.
This means that lower grade paints will need more coats and thus more paint to do a task than higher grade paints. This is a hidden cost that many customers incur without knowing.
The lower quality paints have more extenders than suitable quality paints. These extenders result in lesser hiding power.
Although your Volume by Solid may be high still, your paint may not conceal the background colour properly, because of low Titanium Dioxide Content.
Ask the Wodonga Painting consultant for more knowledge.

Does higher price always mean higher quality?

No, a higher price does not always mean more top quality.
The higher price may just be due to the higher marketing cost of the product. Or any other reason.
You must study or consult appropriately before choosing the right paint for you. Good quality paint is usually expensive, but it has a good life and results. Whileharmful quality paint may just not be worth it due to the poor finish, thus, be cautious while choosing the right paint for your needs. Wodonga Painting consultants will guide you with choosing the one for you and your unique needs.

Why should I choose Wodonga Painting?

Wodonga Painting has serviced Wodonga for many years now. We have done many class-in-itself projects. Also, we have earned many happy customers that provide testimony to the quality of our services.
Reasons why you should choose us are:
1.We have responsive customer support, that will respond to your every query till the job is complete.
2.We take pride in details. We look after every single thing to complete the project efficiently.
3.We are a trustworthy service. There are no hidden costs and no nasty surprises at the end. Also, our services are delivered as described.
4.Lastly, Wodonga Painting providesexcellent quality workmanship.
We genuinely believe in giving value for money, and this has earned us the organic growth over so many years in Wodonga.