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Spending time outdoors with family and friends is exciting.  However, you can only enjoy it when the space is well prepared. That doesn’t mean you need to paint your home’s exterior; however, you can give the deck some attention. 

Repainting the deck will refresh the outdoor space because an old one with chipped paint and splinters is not inviting. Some homeowners prefer oils and stains because it helps the texture and the paint to shine through. However, paint is durable and will cover the flaws on the wood. 

The article will tell you how to select the best paint for timber decks. 

Timber deck painting we completed in Wodonga with timber wood deck

Benefits of Painting Your Deck 


Paints are permanent when compared to strains. The best paint for timber decks can last up to ten years. It will also protect the surface from rain, wind and UV light.  


There is a wide range of colours in the market to choose from, and since paint is stable you can cover a shade you don’t want a new one. 

Covers Flaws

Painting gives you a thicker finish that can cover damaged surfaces instead of replacing them altogether. It can also be used on cracks and gaps. Some paints have been made for that purpose. 

Less Maintenance

It’s easier to clean the most painted surface; however, this depends on the colour because it’s not easy to clean white paint. Use high-quality paint and allow it to cure correctly before using the deck. This will allow it to form a hard shell that is easier to clean when the dirt settles on it. 


Generally, paints are resistant to mould, rot and sun than other materials. The best paint for timber decks offers high-quality finishes that protect the wood.   

How to Buy the Best Wood Decking Paint  

Color Finish and Choices  

There is a wide range of colours to choose from when it comes to high-quality paint. Whether it’s a sage green or rich teak, a fresh coat of paint can give an old deck a new lease of life. The colour should offer you a superior quality finish and ease of use. 

The best paint for timber deck should improve the aesthetics value of your deck. The wrong choice of paint type will cause the surface to bubble and chip.   

Non-slip Properties 

Pick a paint that adds a non-slip coating to guarantee a sure foot throughout the year. It’s crucial, particularly when your deck starts at the door. A slippery surface can be the cause of falls and accidents. 


Homeowners are concerned about the impact of the building materials on the environment. Thus, the best paint for a timber deck should have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. That means that it should have fewer fumes and for that reason, pick water-based paints over the oil-based ones.   

The Natural Landscape

You can opt for a colour that blends in with your yard. More so, turn to your indoor floor for inspiration. Keeping both the indoor and outdoor spaces alike will give an impression that you’re extending your cozy living room outdoor. 

The Right Color for Wood Deck

Our recently done timber deck painting in Wodonga with brown wood deck paint

Wodonga Painting Service states that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shade for a deck because every home is different. Consider first the current exterior colour palette of your home before picking the colour for your wood deck.  

Consider if you want it to stand out or blend in with your house, whether you want it to match the trim or contrasting colour. However, if you want a natural wood look, then you should opt for a stain or sealant that complements your home. 

Go for a slightly darker shade for your high traffic areas because you will be required to clean the deck regularly when you pick brighter colours. 

The following are some popular deck paint colours. 

Chocolate Brown or Black  

These colours are excellent choices for high traffic areas because they don’t show dirt easily. The darker tones are neutral and can be paired with other colour schemes. On the other hand, the shades are a bit overwhelming when applied to a big space. 


It’s the favourite colour for many home exteriors, but green is considered quite bold for a deck. However, sage green is the best paint for timber deck because it gives it a softer look and feel. On the other hand, a darker forest green would be an excellent choice for a more traditional home 

Dark Gray 

The shade is the best paint for timber decks, especially in high traffic areas. The shade can hide dirt and footprints well. Its neutral nature helps it to work well with light, and dark colour schemes thus giving you a modern look. 

Dark Blue 

It’s an excellent tone that works well with beige, blue and other neutral tones. Thus, paint your deck dark blue to create a beach vibe. 

Painting Versus Staining a Deck 

There are two finish options for your wooden decks, namely; staining or painting. Both finishes are attractive; however, they have different characteristics. 

If you choose the staining option, you will have to do it every few years to prevent damages from elements. On the other hand, painting a deck has its challenges too because it’s prone to peeling as a result of swelling or expansion of the deck boards. 

Painted wooden decks may begin to peel when water forms pools on the surface. Further, the thick coat of paint can trap moisture causing the wood to rot while the stain doesn’t trap water vapour. You need to scrape and sand the painted surface when it begins to peel than when it’s stained.   

Even with the best paint for a timber deck, a thick coat may hide the wood texture. However, this is an advantage when your deck is old, in poor conditions and where you want to hide some flaws and imperfections. 

On the other hand, stain offers a thin coat that preserves your wood’s natural look, which could be your priority. Although stains form a coat like paint, the two option are not the same. The thickness of the stain is consistent and doesn’t peel off as paint does. 

Thus, there are several differences between a painted and stained wooden deck. The most outstanding advantage of the best paint for timber deck over stain is that it has a wide range of colours.   

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