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Maintenance Painting

man rolling paint on wall

Wodonga Painting Service can provide you with maintenance painting. We provide maintenance services to commercial and residential properties. If you’ve noticed cracks or paint bubbles around your property, we have a solution. You can avoid costly repairs down the line if you care for your cracks or bubbles today. Our trained maintenance contractors will arrive and diagnose your situation. We can then provide you with a quick, budget-friendly solution. Let us care for your maintenance issues today. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to talk about your paint problems.

Paint Bubble Causes

If you notice paint bubbles around your home, there can be several reasons. Bubbles are caused by adhesion loss between the paint and the wall. It can be caused by heat and moisture. If your wall is in direct sunlight daily it may result in bubbles. If the wall was not properly treated during its previous paint, bubbles may occur. Perhaps the paint was applied to a previously stained wall. Paint bubbles can eventually lead to cracked paint and expensive bills. We can help you solve your paint bubble problems. We have maintenance painters that can assess your bubble damage and provide a safe and cost-effective solution.

Cracked Paint Causes

There are many types of cracked paint. Some have very simple solutions; others may be more involved. Wodonga Painting Service can provide you with a solution to your cracked paint problems. If you previously applied too many layers of paint or cheap paint was used, the adhesion will loosen, and you will experience cracks. Alligator cracks are caused when the second coat of paint is applied over a coat that hasn’t dried. Small cracks can spread into large cracks. We can care for your cracked paint problems today. Feel free to contact our team today to discuss your maintenance painting problems.

Paint Maintenance Process

We pride ourselves on our techniques and procedures. Our painting contractors have years of experiencing repairing and maintaining homes. We will diagnose your issues before the repair process. Depending on if you have bubbles or cracks, we will repair the wall appropriately. Our team will remove any damaged paint, resolve any moisture issues, and sand the damaged areas. We can then proceed to add primer and repaint the surface. We will perform the whole maintenance quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Maintenance Painting Services

We can provide maintenance painting to any structure. We cater to commercial and residential properties and have solutions that match any size damaged wall. Our team can arrive after-hours to your commercial property to avoid interfering with your workday. We will assess the damage and follow the proper procedures to repair the paint. We take extra care to match your existing colour. Once the maintenance is complete, your wall will look like new. Our customer service team is available today to discuss all your maintenance painting needs. Feel free to email or call us today.