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What’s the colour of the exterior of your house? Do you like it, or would you love to change it? While you could be tempted to experiment with different interior colours, you may not do the same with exterior house paint

Painting the exterior is an investment, particularly when you are planning to sell the house. The colour of your property’s exterior will either attract or draw away potential buyers. Thus if you choose the wrong paint, the buyer will not like your property, and you will lose that opportunity to sell it. Additionally, they may quote a lower buying price of the house due to the exterior look. 

On the other hand, your neighbours may praise you for choosing attractive exterior paint or rebuke you for overwhelming the neighbourhood.  

For that reason, there is significant pressure when deciding on the exterior house colour. The following aspects will help you to arrive at an appropriate colour for your property. 

Exterior house painting job done in Wodonga with a blue finish wall

The Visual Effect 

Exterior paint and the landscape are some of the aspects that make your house attractive. The surrounding natural environment should not be ignored. For instance, you should choose colourful pastels if you are living in areas with sunny beaches or straw and beige exterior paint colour if you live in a dryer area characterized with limited vegetation and a lot of stones. Therefore, you should ensure that your exterior paint blends well with your landscape since the two components are inseparable.  

Another factor that you should consider is the neighbourhood bylaws. Some areas have bylaws that specify the colour that you can use while others don’t. Therefore, you need to consider such aspects and comply with over hefty penalties for breaking the laws and the cost of redoing the entire house again.  

The Architectural Designs 

A house has several components, such as the windows, the roof shingles, the columns the stonework, and the tiles. Does your home have a modern, craftsman bungalow or vintage designs? The style of your house will determine the exterior house paint you will use because the two must blend well. For instance, Victorian home sidings will look perfect in lighter, neutral colours 

This sounds complicated; however, Wodonga Painting Services has experts in outdoor painting that can guide you and provide you with recommendations based on the design of your house. 


Bright colours are eye-catching, for they give your house a beautiful exterior, particularly when they blend well with the house design, neighbourhood, and other outdoor features. On the other hand, these colours fade very fast and have a high maintenance cost because they require regular touch-ups now and then. However, a right house paint sheen that has a high shine will enhance the exterior house paint durability and make it easy to clean. 

The Colour of Existing and Permanent Structures 

You should consider structures like driveways, sidewalks, stonework, patio, swimming pools, roof, brick, or stone foundation that you don’t intend to replace soon. Although you may not be required to use the same colour, still, harmony is needed at the very least. Thus, look for an undertone that blends with the colour of the existing elements. That colour should boost the landscaping. 

Another factor to consider is your yard, tree, and shrub. For instance, it is your flower bed has orange, yellow, pink, or red flowers, then it will be appropriate to consider warmer colours. On the other hand, if woodlands surround your property, then pastel paint is not ideal for that environment.

Exterior house painting projext done in Wodonga with concrete finish wall paint

Factor in your surroundings, even as you decide on the colour of your house. You can do this by touring the surrounding and finding out the overall colour scheme and then pick a standard colour. Therefore, you should avoid choosing a colour that resembles your immediate neighbour or that clashes with the surroundings. 

Ignoring your neighbours may attract criticism, and if you live in an area managed by a homeowners association, then you need to stick to the approved exterior colours because you signed up for before moving in there. 

The Size of Your House 

You may consider the size of your home and how far it is from the street. Thus, if your home is located far away from the street, then you may consider using brighter colours to make it stand out and be visible. Otherwise, dull colours may give an impression of an abandoned house.  

On the other hand, you can paint dark colour when you are close to the street to make it receding and not draw so much attention to your house.  


Another factor to consider before painting your house is the weather conditions of your location. The exterior paint of your home should remain attractive throughout the year that is during the snowy winter and sunny summer.  Thus, an aqua blue colour may be ideal in one location and not in another regardless of the two towns being in Australia. 


Some homeowners prefer a single colour for their exteriors, while others prefer contrasting colours. However, it’s recommended that you should balance colours on all surfaces of your house. This is to avoid flooding and instead enhance the aesthetic value of your home. 


As mentioned above, the colour of the roof is one of the vital features that you should when painting your house exterior. The reason behind this is because most of the roofs available in the market have their colours. Thus if your roof is Terracotta, metal, or asphalt, then you should ensure that the exterior paint of your house complements it or blends well with it. This is because it’s easy to change the exterior colour of your home than to change the roof. 

Bottom Line 

Your aim should be to align your exterior colours with the environment and neighbourhood. This will be appealing to your, the passersby, and buyers if you choose to sell your property.  

Therefore, use this suggestion when painting the exterior of your house and contact Wodonga Painting services for more recommendations. Contact us at 0491 183 988 or email us at [email protected]

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