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Commercial Painting

painters using long rollers

The team at Wodonga Painting Service is prepared to care for your commercial painting needs. We are experts at interior and exterior painting and can breathe new life into your commercial property. We care for apartments, offices, warehouses, retail centres, hotels, schools and government properties. No matter what the size building, our contractors are ready to tackle the job. Once your rooms are painted your property will look amazing and will be durable. Your employees and customers will appreciate the makeover. We have a variety of options and services for commercial painting. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Office, School and Retail Outlet Painting

We pride ourselves on providing quick, efficient and quality work. Do you manage an office, school or retail outlet? Wodonga Painting Service provides painting services that will cause little to no disruption to your day to day operations. Our team is on-call and can work after-hours. Your hours of operation will not be disturbed. We can set your appointment to any time you need and are more than happy to paint overnight while your property is closed. Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment that meets your needs.

Interior Commercial Painting

We can provide interior painting services for any size of commercial property. After your consultation, our contractors will arrive and care for each room in your property. Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, trims and floors can all be catered too during out contract. Each area is treated with sealant depending on needs. We will then use brushes, rollers and spray paint to beautify your commercial property. Room by room your property will be transformed. Finally, we clean up any rubbish, extra paint, and splatter protection. Your commercial property will look amazing and feel great with a new fresh of paint.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Our team can handle almost any size exterior commercial painting needs. We have a dedicated team of exterior commercial painters who are fully trained and experienced. Our team follows the latest safety standards and best practices in order to provide a safe and effective working environment. Your commercial painting contractors will arrive prepared to tackle your exterior painting. We take extra care not to pollute your landscape or drip paint on walkways and parking areas. Let us care for your commercial painting needs today. Contact our customer service team today.

Techniques and Technologies

The contractors at Wodonga Painting Contractors are the best in the business. We have years of experience working on all types of commercial and residential properties. We constantly enrol our contractors in training classes to learn the latest techniques and technologies available to painters. We use only the highest quality paints, stains and primers to provide you with a beautiful and durable finished product. Our techniques help us deliver quick and perfect end-result. You won’t have to worry about stray paint spots, streaks or stains. Our team is fully trained to provide the highest quality painting experience.